Saturday, 6 March 2010

Japanese House

Traditional Japanese houses are made of wood.
The structure of the house is built with wooden posts, beams and girders on stone fondation.

In Japan, as temperature and humidity wary in four seasons, many techniques are exercised in building houses so that they can adjust to all climates.

Normally, the flooring of traditional Japanese house is made of "Tatami" and the outer walls are made of bamboo or wood. Also the traditional house use sliding doors called "Fusuma" and removable partitions called "Shoji" or "Byoubu".

Also the house have a guest room where you find a "Tokonoma" where are display "kakejiku" and "Ikebana" and you have also the "Chigai-dana" part.

I will tell you more about the Japanese house in my next post...Japanese House -Washitsu

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