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National symbol flowers of Japan - Part 1 Sakura

Sakura - Cherry blossom flower

Japan has two national flowers: the cherry blossom and chrysanthemum, wich is the imperial family's crest.

Sakura from Kyoto
by Danann_1

the cherry blossom is a flower of spring which has been loved by Japanese since ancient time.When they are full bloom and then fall, they are indescribably beautiful.

Sakura from Kyoto
by Danann_1

Any of numbers of deciduous trees of the family rosaceae that grow wild in mountainous areas throughout Japan and are also widely cultivated. The word Sakura is generally used for those species of cherry appreciated for the beauty of their blossoms rather than those grown for their fruit.

Sakura in Tokyo
by Miura-san

The wood is used for fine furniture, carving, and woodblock printing.

The Sakura is mentioned frequently in Japanese literature.It ia been reported to betraditional Japanese values of purity and simplicityare thought to be reflected in the form and color of its blossoms.Since it flowers very briefly and then scatters, the cherry blossom has also become a symbol of the Japanese appreciation of ephemeral beauty.

Hanami - Cherry blossom viewing parties were popular among the Japanese nobility in ancient times, and by the early 17th century the custom had spread to the common people. Picnicking and drinking sake with family, friends and co-workers beneath flowering cherry trees remains a popular rite of springtime even in actual Japan.

This video was made by my friend Iitani-san in Tamba city in Hyougo prefecture.

Popular spots for Hanami - Cherry blossoms-viewing Yoshinoyama in Nara, Arashiyama in Kyoto, Ueno, Sumidagawa, Koganei and Asukayama in Tokyo.

I went to Kyoto, Kanazawa and Takaoka for Sakura... Kenroku-en in Kanazawa is also a beautiful place for Sakura viewing.

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