Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My friend the Japanese bag maker - Hideaki Iitani

Hello everyone,

    I want to share with  you a discovery I  made some  time ago.

I have a  friend who is  a
designer & maker  of Japanese style bag.

 My  friend name is  Hideaki Iitani he was  born on  February 17, 1968 and  lives in Hyougo  city, Japan.  He  studied and graduated  in Art at Musashino University in  1998.

Hyougo has a  great reputation  for his  artisan’s bags.
Iitani-san’s Family is  in wholesale business of
  bag  made by  artisans in their  region.
-san has started helping his sister  and brother-in law in family business  and learned  to make bag  under the keen  eye of a master.

He is designing bags for the last  3 years. He uses  materials such  as crepe, cotton printed  in Japanese pattern and  leather. All bags  are handmade by Iitani-san and  other local artisans.

If you wish to buy some of his bags please contact me by  EMAIL

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