Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Japanese House - Minka style

Minka is the general name for traditional-style house of none ruling classes.

It is simple house that was made before the western architecture comes to influence the Japanese construction. Minka in farming village are called “Nouka” (農家) that means farmhouse, in the cities it is called “Machiya” (町屋) that means townhouse and you have the “Gyoka” (魚家) in fishing village.
Gokayama's Minka (Nouka) by Hanaemon

These houses are made of wood and were using thick beams and columns for the structure as well as for the walls, floor, ceiling and roof. Bamboo was layered between columns as laths and plastered over with clay to form walls. Clay was also baked to make roof tiles. Grass was used to make thatch for roofing, and straw was used for the coarse, thin mushiro matting and tatami mats to be used on the floor. Rock was used to lay stone foundations for support but was not employed for walls.

You can see some Minka (Machiya):

Following Minka are located in an area called Takashiba Deko Yashiki. 
Deko means doll in English. 
Deko Yashiki is one of sightseeing spot in Koriyama city in Fukushima prefecture where one of my good friend is living. 

Koriyama's Minka "Machiya" by Itagaki-san

Inside the Koriyama's Minka "Machiya"
collection of tansu by Itagaki-san

Inside the Koriyama's Minka "Machiya" main room by Itagaki-san

Koriyama's Minka "Machiya" by Itagaki-san
  You can also see some beautiful Minka "Nouka" in Gokayama city in Toyama prefecture.

Gokayama Village's Minka "Nouka" by me

Gokayama Minka's village "Nouka" by me

Gokayama village's Minka "Nouka" by me
You can also see some beautiful Minka "Nouka" in Shirakawa-go in Gifu prefecture.

Minka "Nouka" in Shirakawa go in Gifu prefecture.
Minka's roof named Kayabuki yane.

Minka's roof in Shirakawa.

How is Minka's roof done.
 Next time article about Minka I will show you the inside of Minka.

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